How to build a website!

Dear All,

I am interested in experimenting/ making websites. i am a complete novice!

Anyone having any suggestions on hosting and what software to use. are there any books anyne has found useful?

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

As I was discussing in email do you have any particular type of website in mind or just experimenting yourself how to create website.

If you want to experiment and just find out, learn some basics about html HTML at W3schools. It is always good to know about html because it is bread and butter of creating internet.

Also useful software for creating WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get)webpages are Dreamweawer and Microsoft front page.
They are for basic HTML websites.

If you need blog. A functionality like blogger could be useful. It is powerful and user friendly. You can also publish at your own domain and hosting site using Advanced set up and updating your ftp details. I also recommend using Wordpress software from

If you require for more complex tasks there are software like drupal, Joomla.

I came across moonfuit - it lets novices like me make a complete website without any knowledge of HTML or any other software.
All i have to do is type in the content.

Just wanted to ask what you think about it.

not bad choice, I tried it before and works well. Also similar software is yahoo site builder.


When you tried moonfruit - were you able to build a forum like this! i like this site & what you have made it to be!

good work!

I am not sure weather you can do forums with moonfruit. All moon fruit offers is basic html pages. My suggestion for forum is or vbulletin.

Check them out at their forum pages


Moonfruit is a flash only based site. the problem with that is every body needs a flash player & that it takes time to download esp. if someone has a dial up connection.

secondly, the search engines dont index it properly.

If you log into any computer without flash - like a nhs computer - then the site doesnt open properly.

I came across this on indigo & therefore posting a link here - as to why we should not build a flash website.

I was trying to create a site on moonfruit - but looks like that i will have to get it based on html & apply for hosting etc.

Do you know of a way to convert - word documents in html format. i think i will have to get frontpage or dreamweaver like you suggested earlier.

seems like i have lots of work & content generation ahead of me!


and i thought that making a website was easy - peasy!!!!!

Hi abishek

Don`t worry flash based websites have only problem of not appearing well in computers which dont have flash installed. You can generate very good looking pages with flash, that I think is a plus point. The text that is in site is html and will be indexed in the Google with out any problems, for example click the link here to find the pages indexed in Google of, which is made from moonfruit. Other easy way is to use blogger to generate pages for you it is an easy alternative.



How do i use blogger to generate pages on moonfruit?

i want to add pages to my website which is on moonfruit. it allows only written text - how can i add pages using blogger!

You must have your FTP details, Which allows you to access your root folder (EDIT it is not root folder but public_html folder) in the server. Then use the FTP details in blogger using advanced set up, where you need to include how to access your server root folder, what file you need the main page(usually index.html) and ftp details.

I can create a basic site for you with help of blogger/wordpress if you want me to. But I need ftp details and details of hosting(not through forum)(by mail or phone). For wordpress hosting you need php and mysql database.

Also worth considering is one click installs offered by most hosting providers(like dreamhost,bluehost). These people also help you to upgrade the sites so that your dont need to sweat alot.